Tips for the Conscious Shopper: Fruits + Veggies

I’ve recently started to get more creative with how I shop for groceries, whether at the store or a farmers market. Below are a few tips of how to be a conscious shopper when it comes to fruits + veggies!

  • Invest in reusable bags. Instead of leaving the store with numerous plastic or paper bags, invest in a few reusable bags. My husband and I keep ours in our car so we don’t forget them! Pros: they last long, usually can fit more in them, they’re stronger, you get a discount, easy to clean and easy to store in your car for when you arrive at a farmers market!

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  • Start using reusable produce bags. I used to pull, tear and open so many of those little plastic bags at the grocery store simply to separate my veggies from the rest of the food in my cart. But now I use reusable bags specific to produce! Also, they are perfect to take to a farmers market, it makes shopping to much easier and cleaner! Pros: easy to store, easy to clean, long lasting.

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  • Utilize Tupperware + Invest in glass containers. I love having leftovers! Using small baggies does work, but it creates so much waste because you only use it once. Investing in good Tupperware or glass containers saves money, resources and is better for our world. There are containers out there for everything – from onions, lettuce, cheese and meat. Pros: countless uses, makes your refrigerator more organized.

What will be your first step in creating a more conscious shopping experience?

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