Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re a newbie or a veteran to this whole “capsule wardrobe” thing, I hope to give some tips and insight into creating your own capsule!

So friends, what exactly is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe compiled of essential pieces of clothing – shirts, sweaters, pants and coats – that can, with the addition of other pieces of clothing and accessories, be worn year-long and easily interchangeable depending on the season.

A capsule wardrobe helps you to:
01. Take control of your clothes, instead of them controlling you.
02. Dress more intentionally, instead of throwing on a random outfit.
03. Shop Less and shop more responsibly.

With a capsule there will be:
01. Less stress + more peace.
02. Less clothes you don’t wear + more clothes you LOVE.
03. Less options + more creativity.

Doesn’t all of that sound amazing?! I thought so too!

So here you go, all the steps for creating your own capsule + good questions to ask yourself. At the end, I’ve added links to blogs I love to follow and where you can find a great resource to help you with your capsule!

01. Open the Doors to Your Closet :: Take everything out of your closet and drawers. Yes, everything!

02. Make Piles :: I’m against purging, so before you simply throw everything away for no reason, think through these questions + put your clothes in the respected pile:

– What haven’t I worn in over a year? Odds are, you don’t ever wear them – put them in the “get rid of them” pile!
– What clothes do I love? Place these in a pile by themselves.
– What clothes do I not love? Create another pile.
– What clothes am I considering for my capsule? You got it, another pile!


03. Donate or Sell :: Deciding what to do with your excess clothes can feel overwhelming. Here are a few options I think through when I have clothes to give away:

– Do I know any families who need clothes?
– Who are my friends who are the same size as me?
– What are good places to donate to? Salvation Army, Rescue Missions + local resale boutiques.

04. Make a Plan :: After choosing the clothes for your capsule, see if there are any gaps – anything missing in your wardrobe – because remember, you’re wearing these items for a entire season. If anything is missing, go shopping! Here’s a list of ethical + responsible stores I trust and love! And below I give a link for a capsule wardrobe planner, it’s amazing!

05. Stick to Your Plan + Have FUN :: Seriously! This is supposed to be freeing, have fun with your clothes + amazing outfits you’re going to plan and love wearing!


I am almost finished with my summer capsule, follow my journey on Insta @halie_ramsey

And, I would love to follow your journey – tag me in the pictures of your capsule!

Blogs I follow regarding simplifying my wardrobe: Unfancy – I’ve followed her for a while, she gives great advice + and here is her capsule planner. And I recently started following Simply Liv & CO – she also gives great advice and practical tips on how to live simply.

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