Guest Post :: Jenna Bilz

Jenna is an avid coffee-drinker, loves to gather friends for brunch + is a best friend to many; she’s an HR Representative + also serves on her companies Wellness Committee! She strives to live wholeheartedly with friends + cookbooks by her side! I asked her to share about her health journey + her favorite recipes and exercise. After reading you’ll want to grab a friend and enjoy the outdoors!

How did your journey with health begin?

It began in June of 2016 when I joined a health + wellness accountability group through Bod E Talk – a program designed to foster accountability for living a healthy lifestyle and learning how to nourish our bodies with whole foods, rest, and practicing self care through exercise and being mindful of how our bodies respond to certain foods or circumstances such as stress. During that summer I was challenged by a coworker to run a half marathon in the fall which motivated me to begin running and focus on my eating rhythms.

What does an average weekly schedule look like for you, specifically with meal planning and exercise? And do you have a favorite recipe?

On the weekends I look at my schedule for the upcoming week to decide what days I will have capacity to make meals. I sit down with a pad of paper and my favorite cookbooks (Pinterest included) and begin planning the menu for the week. I take into consideration what events I have going on that week (celebrations or meals shared with friends) and plan accordingly so I don’t have to depend upon fast/unhealthy meals that will not nourish my body. One of my favorite recipes is Paleo Thai Meatballs!

For exercise, I write in my planner certain fitness classes I want to attend at the Y. I make sure to write it in my planner so I can cross it off (I am motivated by this!), and I want to remember how I’ve invested in my well-being throughout the week. Exercise has been an easy way for me to relieve stress and spend time in community, so I will usually try to think of friends I want to spend time with either outside or doing something active.

What is your favorite form of exercise?

RUNNING! It doesn’t require equipment + you can explore different areas of your city on foot. I love running in the early morning when the rest of the city is still quiet. I love running to worship music. I love running by myself or beside friends. And my ideal run would be to be able to run with no time constraints so I’m able to rest my mind and focus on the present.


Do you have any advice to give other women who are wanting to begin a journey on their own but don’t know where to start?

I would suggest finding a friend to navigate the journey with who is desiring the same outcomes. This way you can set your intentions, know what your goals are and figure out how to best achieve them! Finding a local fitness club near your home that offers a fitness type you would most enjoy to begin your exercise is helpful because you want to enjoy working out! Lastly, be creative in ways that you can be active throughout the week or how you naturally gather with friends either around the table or outside! Moving your body stimulates your mind and is a way for you to connect with the Lord.

My Takeaways:

  • Find more ways to exercise that I truly enjoy!
  • Get better at planning ahead for meals + working out!
  • Invite others into my workouts, whether that be my husband or close friends!

Want to follow Jenna and her love for exercise + yummy food? Follow her on Insta @jennabeannnn

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