Finding Balance

February 12, 2018

Living a balanced life does not come naturally to most people, and it definitely has not for me. I have meandered down the path of saying yes to everything and then wind up disappointing people and giving myself anxiety; I have traveled down the road that has led to unhealthy amounts of crazy adventure that ultimately end with me feeling absolutely exhausted and unable to do anything for myself or anyone else for that matter; and I have journeyed down paths that are overflowing with too many things – they are either crowded with too many people, or I simply have too much on my plate and I can’t seem to swallow it all.

Balance can and will look different for everyone. And the more you get to know yourself, the more balanced your life can be. Living a life well-balanced is a life that brings steadiness and nourishment to you personally and allows you to bring steadiness and nourishment to the people you love and those who need it.

Balance also takes some work. As I said, it doesn’t come naturally for most. For some, it might look like trial and error and others it might just take looking at your schedule and figuring out what works best for you in a given season. Either way, I would advise you to ask yourself a few questions; feel free to start here:

    1. What do I enjoy doing & what do I not enjoy doing?
    1. What does my current schedule look like? Do I have time to add another thing to it or should I take something(s) away?
  1. Do I know how to listen to my body? If so, am I currently listening to it? If not, don’t fret! Listening to Your Body is my next post!

Over the past six years I have learned that I am introverted, I love writing, reading, making new recipes; I enjoy running and rock climbing as exercise; I need time by myself and also intentional time with people I love and people who support me. Eating healthy is always best, but sometimes I really enjoy a good treat; I’m notorious for waking up early and spending those early mornings reading and writing, all while drinking coffee.

However, I don’t do all of these things in one given season. There is a time for everything. Currently, I’ve been sleeping in more, spending mornings with my husband before going off to a meeting; I’ve been reading good books and cooking new recipes and have put a hold on my normal workout routine because I can, and because right now I need to focus more on other things.

Living a balanced life looks different for everyone because everyone was created differently. Some need more face-to-face time with people, and others need more time diving into a good book. Finding balance begins with knowing what you enjoy doing and what you don’t enjoy doing; it begins with knowing your limits and respecting your own boundaries, it begins with exploring what nourishes you and what depletes you.

Figuring out how to balance your schedule well, your time well, your emotions, your gifts, your passions, and personal boundaries well is challenging and it takes time. There is no perfect way to do this because it’s not a performance, it’s a process.

Human beings flourish when they have balance in their heart, mind, and body. Finding balance within rest and adventure, eating well and eating just for taste can be found. It definitely takes discipline and determination, but we are meant to flourish and to thrive.

As I just mentioned, this is a process. You’re already amazing & you truly deserve to flourish in this beautiful life! Start slow and start steady. Begin today by asking yourself the questions I listed above, and remember that grace is always on your side.