Guest Post :: Joanna Wang

June 6, 2018

Joanna is a wife + Mama of 3 adorable girls, she is a Noonday Ambassador and Coach, she is an activist and avid coffee-drinker. She has such a fun style + shares about her journey towards sustainable fashion in the video below!

I’ve loved learning from Joanna because she herself is a learner as well. Please, grab a cup of coffee & enjoy listening to Joanna talk about how she shops for herself, her girls and why she made the switch from fast-fashion to slow-fashion!

[vimeo 270434306 w=640 h=1138]

My takeaways:

  • I’m not a Mama yet, but hope to be one someday and it has always made me nervous to think about the clothes my children will wear and how I will be able to continue shopping ethically. Joanna gave great insight into how and what she buys for her 3 girls – secondhand!
  • Take the first step, whatever that is for you or for me, just take it!
  • Always be a learner. Joanna said, “My advice is: be a learner, realize you are on this process, this journey, and educate yourself…and just get started.” I love that!

Here are a few of the documentaries + books Joanna mentioned in her video:

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