Sustainable Lifestyle

Nearly 6 years ago I began learning about modern day slavery & the effects it has on over 40 million people in our world today. {Want to learn more about slavery? Hop over to my blog!}

Some major ramifications of slavery are: people not being paid a fair wage, people working in poor conditions, children not being raised by their mother and father, and people in America & other first-world countries continuing to buy into the idea that finding “good deals” on cheap clothes is actually a good deal.

This page exists on my website because I believe living a W H O L E H E A R T E D life is about having compassion for those who are hurting, who are unseen, losing hope, and are in need of a brighter future. This page is to be a voice for the voiceless.

&& a huge part of being a voice for the voiceless is choosing to live your life for the needs of others. And a HUGE part in doing this is being wise with your money, the clothes you wear, the food you buy, the coffee you drink, and how you spend your time.

On this page there are various links (& there will be more) to blog posts I have written to guide you in making wise choices, answer questions you may have, and give advice on how to create a sustainable & ethical lifestyle.

Some of my posts are not linked to this page, so below are all the blogs about sustainable living:

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