Autumn Oils Party

October 6, 2022

Last weekend I hosted a fall party – we made floral arrangements, pumpkin spice lattes & chatted about all the benefits of seasonal oils like clove & nutmeg. Here are a few photos from the day, along with some links to why we tend to crave these oils during the fall months.

Why do scents like nutmeg, clove, thieves, orange, cinnamon and vanilla always sound, and even smell, better this time of year? In short, our body craves these scents because our body might actually be lacking some of the benefits these naturally create.

For example, nutmeg. Along with the warm and welcoming smell, this spice and oil is also beneficial to our emotions, making us feel more grounded and it also boosts our immune systems and adrenal systems! If you’re familiar with your adrenals you know how important they are. Your adrenal glands help your body maintain a steady stress level, support your immune system, your blood pressure and more essential functions in your body. During these cooler and darker months, when we tend to have less energy and experience the “winter blues” this oil can give our body’s a boost of energy, focus and vitality. Be sure to save this “adrenal love” diffuser blend!

A few other oils I always have on hand during these autumn and winter months that are approaching are: Clove, Thieves, Pine, Cinnamon Bark, and Copaiba. And if you’re a member with Young Living you know you are able to get some of these for free during the month of October! Here are all the ways you can use these necessary oils for yourself and in your home this season.

In our home, we love to diffuse these oils, apply them topically, and even bake with them, to get all the benefits our body’s deserve. During my fall party we discussed these benefits and made what I like to call “diffuser bombs” which is basically like batching diffuser recipes. In a small 1oz bottle, drop 3x the oils of any diffuser blend. This makes it easier to diffuse your favorite diffuser recipes without spending time opening each bottle and dropping individual oils in your diffuser. Since the diffuser blend is already mixed together, simply drop 5 drops of your diffuser bomb in your diffuser and you’re ready to go, turn it on and enjoy the yummy smells and benefits these oils add to your home and family.

Here are the recipe cards we used during the party, they both have several blends: Autumn Vitality and Cozy Autumn Home

If you’re local, stay tuned for more oily parties!

xx, from my home to yours.