Capsule Wardrobe :: Fall

September 25, 2018

End of summer wrap up: My summer capsule was perfect. I had enough pairs of shorts, plenty of dresses and the right amount of shoes. And I actually didn’t even wear some of the things I put into my capsule, so I’ll have to rethink my selection for next summer. But overall, since it was my first capsule wardrobe, I’d say it was pretty easy to do and taught me that I can live with and enjoy having a minimal wardrobe!

Onto fall: I’m excited for fall, it’s my favorite season because of the warm coffee drinks, cooler weather, and…the clothes. Fall outfits are definitely my favorite to create to I’m excited to share with you my fall capsule! Most of my clothes are old (as in I bought them years ago when I didn’t exclusively shop at ethical stores) or they are thrifted (which I tend to do more than purchase from ethical stores).

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Before we get started, have you ever wanted to create a capsule of your own but don’t know where to start? At the end of this post I wrote a list of questions and an additional link to help get you started!

Here is my fall capsule:


White with black print: The Loft; Grey tunic: The Loft; Navy with white print: Thrifted; White with lace: Thrifted; Grey button up: Anthropology


Rust: Target; Green: Thrifted; White knit: The Loft; Cream: TJ Maxx; Black: Express; Light Grey: Thrifted; Black: Thrifted; Dark Grey: Thrifted

Shorts + Pants:

Shorts: Salmon: The Loft; Black: The Loft; Green: The Loft

Pants: Black: TJ Maxx; Green joggers: The Loft; Jeans: TJ Maxx; Corduroy with print: Anthropology; Blue jeans: The Loft


Black: Thrifted; Blue with white polka dots: TJ Maxx; Navy: Shine Boutique ; Navy: Thrifted


Dark Grey: Express; Jean: H&M; Chambray: Target; Black Raincoat: Columbia; Maroon + Grey sweatshirts: Patagonia; Green army jacket (in photo above): Don’t remember where I got it from, but it’s one of my favorites to wear during fall!

Shoes: None of them are pictured, but I wear a lot of loafers + ankle booties!

What I would love to add: Black jumpsuit. Any suggestions?

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And here it is, friends. Below I listed out things to think about while choosing clothes for your capsule!

When choosing clothes for your capsule, think about:

    1. Can I make outfits with these individual pieces?
    1. Are these clothes practical?
    1. What’s the weather going to be like during this season?
    1. Do I have any big events coming up?
  1. What does my day-to-day look like?

Follow my journey on Insta! And, I would love to follow yours – tag me in the pictures of your capsule!

Blogs I follow regarding simplifying my wardrobe:

Unfancy – I’ve followed her for a while, she gives great advice! + and here is her capsule planner.

Simply Liv & CO – she also gives great advice and practical tips on how to live simply.