Celebrating 5 Years!

September 22, 2022

Last week, on September 16th, we celebrated 5 years of marriage!

Every year we read our vows and relive that magical day spent surrounded by our closest friends and family, saying “I do” and dancing under the Aspens.

As we reflected this year we couldn’t believe how much has happened since that day. We’ve moved 3 times, welcomed 2 sweet babies into the world, traveled abroad on several occasions, bought a house, are continuing to do renovations and updates, started 2 more businesses and have made lifelong friends along the way.

If you know us, or even follow us on Instagram, you know that Alexander and I are dreamers. We love to dream about the future and envision where we want to be, and more importantly, who we want to be. Marriage has shaped us into who we are like nothing else has. God has used marriage to grow and strengthen us, reveal our weaknesses, become more rooted and deepen our trust in Him, and has opened our eyes to our purpose here in this life. Who we are is rooted in Christ, and our marriage is set on His firm foundation.

When we dream about who we want to become we always talk about who we want to be as husband and wife, as parents and as entrepreneurs. We believe that when we are living fully into who God created us to be we are living our fullest versions of ourselves and He is the most glorified. We see this in our marriage, how we parent, our work and businesses and in the daily ways we care for our bodies and home.

God’s idea of marriage is a beautiful mystery, one worth exploring and venturing into.

This year, I squeezed into my wedding dress, my hips were a littttle more snug than the day we got married, and I danced with my babies.

It’s wild how different we are since the day we said “I do” and we’re eager for what is to come, who we will become and where God will take us in the next 5 years.