Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

May 22, 2018

I learned about coffee beans, how to brew the perfect batch, what an Americano is and what other fun drinks are like a Lungo or a Cafe au lait. It was exciting being able to make a customer a drink they enjoyed and one that was unique. I loved every part of working at that coffee shop!


While I was working there I was at the time learning more about the oppressed, enslaved, marginalized and underpaid men and women in our world. I learned about the millions of men, women and children around the world being treated unfairly and working in poor conditions. I learned that people were trying to rescue them and organizations were saving and helping give back what was taken from them for countless years – freedom.

And although at that point in time I couldn’t go to far off countries and save and rescue and help nurture these individuals and families, I learned that there were ways I could care for them while living in Wisconsin, while staying in college, while continuing to live my day-to-day life. I learned that simply by changing a few things in my lifestyle, I could make a huge difference to the millions of men, women and children who were in need.

There have been many changes in my lifestyle since then, like where I shop, how I shop, how I take care of my body and even the things I buy for my home. Making the switch from a fast-paced lifestyle of eating on the go, working out when I can and contributing to fast fashion to now living a life with a slower pace and more intention has taken years. But I want to talk more about coffee and how making simple changes in my coffee routine has made big, lasting changes for our world.

When deciding to change up my coffee routine, I learned about fair trade, direct trade, local coffee shops and roasters. I broke down why all of these are a great first step in making the switch in your coffee routine!

Fair Trade + Direct Trade:

    • Why shop fair trade? Because it ensures that working conditions are better and safer for the workers, the fields are pesticide-free and it’s a higher quality of coffee.
  • But, why direct trade, is there a difference? Yes, yes there is! While fair trade is great, direct trade is even better! It cuts out the “middleman” that fair trade has because with direct trade there is a direct route from the roaster to the seller.

Local Coffee Shops + Roasters:

    • Why shop local? It supports a local business + local people, and usually local coffee shops use a local roaster to get their beans.
  • Local roasters roast their own beans and in general have a relation with the farmers who grew and sold them the beans they use. *It is still best to ensure that the roasters and coffee shop are getting their beans from a farmer or company who is fair trade certified or knows the farmer personally!


Making this initial and essential step in changing your coffee routine by shopping Fair/Direct Trade + shopping local makes a huge difference for people around the world and for the quality of your coffee!

For more ways to make simple changes in your coffee routine + to know where I am currently at with my own coffee routine, click here!

Friends, please comment below about your coffee routine + questions you have. Together we can make a huge difference!