Coffee Routines + The Takeout Challenge

May 22, 2018

Since my initial change in my coffee routine, I have continued learning more ways of how the simple changes I make can help better our world and the people in it.

Here are some of the most significant, yet simple, ways you can makes changes in your coffee routine:

  • Buy Fair or Direct Trade: Buying Fair Trade Certified coffee ensures that the working conditions are better and safer for the workers, the fields are pesticide-free, and it’s a higher quality of coffee. And, while Fair Trade is great, Direct Trade is even better! It cuts out the “middleman” that Fair Trade has because with Direct Trade there is a direct route from the roaster to the seller.
  • Shop Local: It supports a local business + local people, and usually local coffee shops use a local roaster to get their beans. Local roasters roast their own beans and in general have a relationship with the farmers who grew and sold them the beans they use. *It is still best to ensure that the roasters and coffee shop are getting their beans from a farmer or company who is fair trade certified or knows the farmer personally!
  • Grind coffee by hand: Instead of using an electric grinder, use a Burr Grinder! You’re able to adjust the settings for the type of brew you prefer and it’s easy to store + take with on trips!

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  • Brew coffee with a reusable devise: Such as an AeroPress or Pourover. By doing so, you reduce energy, have less clean up, you can take both on the go and it’s a better, more personal brew! My husband and I absolutely love our AeroPress, you can buy them off Amazon!
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  • Use Reusable Mugs/Cups: Investing in a reusable mug/cup and using it when you leave the house or go to a coffee shop (in replace of their plastic or paper cups) is a small thing that makes a huge difference! I love Hydro Flask – they have amazing mugs, bottles and cups that can be used for both hot and cold drinks!

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As I said, I am always learning new ways to make my coffee routine cleaner. This summer I’ve decided to make a couple more changes in my relationship with coffee:

  • Buy reusable filters. As I said, my husband and I love using our AeroPress, do you have suggestions for reusable filters? Write a comment below!
  • The Takeout Coffee Challenge
    • Starting June 1st I’m going to partake in the Takeout Coffee Challenge. This challenge was created to say no to plastic coffee cups and instead bring a reusable mug/cup with you when you buy coffee from a coffee shop! Will you join me?!
    • For the full explanation + where I found this challenge, click here for a great blog post written by Erin Boyle.

Friends, please comment below about your coffee routine + questions you have. Together we can make a huge difference!