Creating a Zero Waste Kit

September 17, 2018

So friends, what is a Zero Waste Kit (ZWK) anyways? Simply put, it’s a bag you can take anywhere that has essential items in it to help you reduce waste.


I had a blast creating mine + I am continuing to add to it. Here are my essential items I put into my ZWK with a few ethical stores I trust + love to help you create your own! (Note: every item is reusable, but not necessarily from an ethical store)

    • Water bottle
      • Since moving to Colorado, I never go anywhere without it! I use a HydroFlask, which is not ethical but it’s what I have at home.
    • Coffee mug
      • Because coffee is a high priority. I also use a HydroFlask or any other mug that is around the house. KeepCup is a great ethical brand for reusable coffee mugs!
    • 4 napkins
      • I put napkins in my kit because of spills + wiping hands if eating on the road. Especially if you’ve got kiddos, I recommend placing some in your kit. I got mine from my mother-in-law + I’m sure she had them lying around her home or bought them at a garage sale.
    • 1 hand towel
      • For bigger spills or to wrap things in. I guess I wanted an extra something just in case!
    • 2 sets of silverware
      • For eating on the go. These were super helpful when we were on our roadtrip! And they are literally from my kitchen.
    • 2 mason jars
      • I’ve used these for snacks, leftovers, and to place dirty napkins in.
  • Bag
    • I placed everything is a reusable bag that we usually use for groceries, trips to the farmers market or simply to reduce using a plastic bag. Eco Bags + Urbana Sacs are great stores to purchase ethical, reusable bags from.

Things to think about when you’re creating your own kit:

    1. Think essentials. For me, coffee + water, so I make sure to have a reusable coffee mug and water bottle on hand. Ask yourself: what is necessary for me to thrive wherever I’m going and whoever I’m going with!
    1. Think ahead. Are you using your kit for daily use? For a road trip? Are you going by car or by plane? Do you have snacks on hand or will you stop for food? Thinking ahead will give you time + space to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered!
    1. Ask yourself good questions. If I ate on the road or stopped for food, what would I need/use? If my kiddos spill something in the car, what will I clean it up with? If we have leftovers what can I put them in?
  1. Do your research. If you’re wanting to purchase new items to go into your kit, research good, safe and ethical products.

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More ideas to add to your own kit:

    • Chopsticks
    • Napkins or towels
    • Jars or other storage containers
    • Extra diapers
    • An extra sippy cup
  • A bag for dirty napkins or trash

What are you planning to place in your Zero Waste Kit?