Creating Stability Within the Unstable

May 21, 2018

My top things I always plan for are: working out, eating well & doing things that are life-giving. Below a few helpful ways I create stability during unstable seasons.

Create a Schedule:

I’ve noticed that whenever I am in an “in between season” I need to create a schedule for myself. This helps me to feel motivated and like I’m living with a purpose.

Start my day off well:

Wake up around the same time each morning. Sometimes I will set an alarm, other times I’ll wake up naturally. During these “in between” seasons, I will usually get out of bed somewhere between 6-8am (big range, I know!), but depending on how well I slept and what I have going on for the day, sometimes I need more sleep and other days I can wake up feeling good and ready so start my morning!

Working Out:

I might not work out every day, but having set times/mornings to go for a run or do a short ab workout helps me know that I’m taking care of my body while setting aside time to fill my much-needed “me time” and enjoy the beauty of being outside!

Eating healthy:

Since I usually have more time during this type of season I have more time to make meals I usually don’t make, try new recipes & simply cook more. A few of my personal tips on eating healthy are:

    • drink lemon water, it starts your metabolism!
    • make sure you’re eating enough greens
    • drink plenty of water,
  • stay away from processed/sugary/fatty foods!

Sleep Well:

I won’t wake up and start my day off well if I don’t get a good night sleep. Having a set time to go to bed each night helps creates healthy rhythms and will make you feel rested and ready for the next day.

These may seem like basic things to remember, but the little things are usually the things that make the greatest difference! So whether you’re in a crazy busy season or an in between, confusing season, remember that you are valuable, worthy & able to flourish!