Creating the Life You Want

September 28, 2022

Creating the life you want takes hard work and vision. It takes determination and dreaming. It takes diligence and waiting.

Alexander and I dream, talked about, saved for, prayed for a house we could someday call home for several years (diligently for about a year). We had the vision and we worked hard to have the resources.

It came to no surprise to either of us that as soon as we pulled in the driveway for the first time I knew in my heart that this was the home, and with his first step inside the front door Alexander said the words “I love it. This is it.”

The garden. The swings and toys scattered everywhere. The tiny feet pattering on hardwood floors. The nights making dinner together and singing sweet babies to sleep. The early mornings filled with prayer and laughter and lotsa milk and coffee. All of it. We dreamed of all of it. And it came to fruition. It still is coming to fruition.

It’s amazing to watch your dreams unfold before your own eyes.

Annnnd…name this movie, she is one of my favorite dreamers. She dreamed of a better life, deeper love and he made her dreams come true.