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I believe you are the gatekeeper of your home. I believe you have power over your body, not the other way around.

Seeing you, your sweet littles & your entire home thrive ignites a fire within me. I’ve been on a path towards holistic living for half a decade and I’ve built a lifestyle that reflects everything I know, every trial and error & simple, plant-powered remedies that actually work.

Let’s create a lifestyle that is authentic, achievable, sustainable, profitable & worth living. A lifestyle where you are the gatekeeper of your body & your home. That is the version of the story I’m living and I’m here to help you start writing.

What Are Essential Oils?

A great place to start would be explaining what essential oils are. Essential oils are made from plants. Think about a plant from top to bottom – oils are made from the petals, leaves, stem, roots, and more! Through a low-heat distillation process, the molecules that make up essential oils become highly concentrated and because of the high concentration, with a single drop the oil is absorbed immediately into our skin. These oils have a super quick turn around: within 22 seconds the molecules have reached our brain, within 2 minutes our bloodstream and within 20 minutes these oils are in every cell in our body!

Different Ways to Use Essential Oils



Diffusing allows you to enjoy the scent of the oils, along with the health benefits! It’s a 2-for-1



You are able to roll the oils directly on your skin. Make sure you are diluting them properly if need be



Young Living’s Vitality line of oils allows you to ingest the oils for their benefits

How Do I Get Started?

Turning questions into answers with one simple box.

I used to agonize for hours over which options were best for my health, my baby, my home, skin, future & wellness. And who knew the solutions to my questions were bundled together in one box? Trust me, I was shocked when I learned how much good could come from this one-time investment.

Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit is just that – the starting point. This is how I personally started dabbling with oils, which is why I still recommend it.

It’s a simple box of oils that will become one of the greatest investments for your health, family & home.

This lifestyle offers solutions. And I’m your guide for how you too can be the gatekeeper of your body & your home.

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