How to Pack + Travel Minimally

May 15, 2018

We just got back from a weeklong trip to the Bahamas and for this beach vacation we packed 1 carry-on suitcase. (Yes, for us to share!)

For this trip we had plenty of space for everything, we packed all the essentials and even brought things we didn’t wear.

So here’s a quick blog post about packing minimally, what to ask yourself + what we personally packed for our last vacation!

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Why pack minimally?

    1. It’s less bags, meaning less bags to carry
    1. It saves room on the plane, in the car, hotel and taxis
  1. Teaches you how to plan well + innovate

2 Things to Think About:

    1. Maximizing space
  1. Maximizing items: reuse & rewear

Important Questions Before You Start to Pack:

    1. Where am I going? What will I be doing?
    1. What is the weather going to be like?
    1. What are my essentials?
    1. Can I make a few outfits out of the items I’m bringing?
  1. Where am I going? If it’s a place where I can buy said item if an emergency happens, do I have to pack it?

Here’s what we packed + how we did it for our 1 Week Beach Vaca:

  • Her clothes:
      • 4 swimsuits
      • 2 pairs of pants + 1 pair of leggings
      • 2 pairs of shorts
      • 4 dresses
      • 3 tank top
      • Undies for a week
    • Shoes: 1 running, 3 sandals

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  • His clothes:
      • 2 swimsuits
      • 1 pair of pants
      • 3 pairs of shorts
      • 3 button down shirts
      • 2 t-shirts
      • Boxers for a week
    • Shoes: 1 running, 1 sandal

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  • Toiletries:
      • Makeup
      • Qtips
      • 6 oz. of Shampoo + Conditioner to share
      • 4 oz. bottle of sunscreen
      • Feminine products
      • Deodorant
      • Perfume + Cologne
      • 2 bottles of .5 oz. Essential Oils
      • Hair Brush
      • Tooth brushes
    • Medicine: Dramamine

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Our secret?

Roll your clothes! We rolled everything we brought, put our intimates in the zippered compartment & placed our shoes in another zippered compartment.

We both also brought small backpacks as our personal items. As a woman I’ve learned that sometimes things happen unexpectedly & now I am always prepared! Here’s a list of the items in my backpack: small purse, flying documents, 2 books, sunglasses, pair of sandals, an extra change of clothes & jean jacket, along with a small bag of feminine products & medicine (because I get motion sick really easily). And for my husband, he put his camera, wallet & an extra sweatshirt in his backpack!

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We love traveling light, and sharing a bag, suitcase or backpack is fun for us! It truly has taught us that we can innovate, rewear clothes/outfits, and that we don’t need everything we think we do. We’ve learned how to share better & have realized that the adventure is the trip itself, so there’s no room to worry if we packed the right amount stuff!

I hope you feel inspired for your next adventure! Bon voyage!