I See You, Mama

Mama, I see you. Wanting to get 2 minutes to yourself. To make a cup of coffee, to do the dishes, to simply breathe. Before I had two kids, I didn’t understand the expressions like “hands are full” or when people talked about how physically exhausting and demanding littles are.

But now I get it. I’m in the thick of it — potty training, still getting up in the middle of the night to nurse or help a crying toddler — all while trying to keep my home and emotions sane.

Yes, my hands are full. Yes, my time is not my own. Yes, some days are exhausting. But the little hands reaching for me, the little hearts I am called to tend to. I wouldn’t trade it. I love my days with them.

And I hope they remember me dancing with them and laughing, and not sighing about another mess to clean. I hope they hear my apologies and understand it’s ok to not be perfect. I hope they see Jesus in me. And I hope they, too, desire to be like Him.

Mama, I see you. You’ve got this!

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