Incorporating Rest Into Your Workday

Whenever I think that I’m too busy to slow down or don’t have time to take a break, I try to remember that my body needs rest & carving out time throughout my days to pause and pray is necessary for me to thrive.

Friends, remember that we rest because otherwise our bodies will force us to rest.

We rest because then we can work.

And we rest not because of exhaustion, we rest to celebrate.

So here are a few encouragements on how to celebrate throughout your days:

    1. Start with prayer. Pray for your work to be love poured out on this earth, pray for diligence throughout your workday, and pray for God to establish the works of your hands (Psalm 90).
    1. Take a break an hour after you started working, even if you are in the middle of something. Practicing this helps us to refocus why we’re working, how we are working and how we desire to interact with people.
  1. Practice doing a Daily Examine at the end of your workday. Reflect upon your day by asking yourself a few questions: How did I see God in and through my work? Was I focused on checking things off a list or did I rush through it? What am I thankful for? How did I interact with people and this world, was I kind or standoffish? What will I do tomorrow to incorporate rest & prayer more into my workday? What will I stop doing so prayer & rest can be more incorporated?

Lastly, here are a few more tips that have helped me create a healthy rhythm of pausing during my workday:

    1. Make a schedule and stick to it! Set specific times to stop, pray and then continue working.
    1. Set an alarm for times of stopping.
  1. Ask someone to join you & keep you accountable. Having a friend alongside you is always easier & more enjoyable!

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