Introduction & Life As of Late

June 4, 2022

Hi there, I’m Halie – wife and mama of two littles (almost 3 and 8 months). My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years, our wedding took place in the Rockies in a small mountain town called Nederland. Close to a year later we were pregnant with our first and decided to sell our 600sq ft condo and move to Wisconsin when our daughter was 8 months old. We rented for a year and bought our current house in April 2021. Since then we had another baby, a sweet boy who was born in our bedroom, we’ve learned how to garden, started another business and we’re currently updating our kitchen.

Our days and weeks are full, and we love that. We crave a fast-paced lifestyle, but we also know how to slow down. Once a week we turn off our phones for 24 hours, say no to productivity and simply enjoy what we have.

A little more about me: I’ve always had the dream of working alongside my husband and now it’s my reality, I’m a dreamer and doer, I read books on finances and plant-based diets, podcasts about motherhood and business are my jam and I hope to start a podcast of my own someday, we talk about moving back to Colorado, and regardless if we do or not I’ll always be a Midwest girl at heart, every night as I’m falling asleep or nursing a baby I’m dreaming of my morning cup of coffee, and if you buy me an iced oat milk latte I’ll be your bestie forever.

And I’m so glad you’re here! I started this blog a handful of years ago as a space for creativity, kind words, honest words, thought-provoking words. I speak on topics like slow fashion, motherhood and being the gatekeeper of your home. Feel free to bop around and I’d love to connect with you – message me on insta or shoot me a message here!

I wanted to share more moments (that probably didn’t make it on my instagram feed) here! So are a few slices of our beautiful life.

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know we’ve been knee deep in kitchen renovations and yard work.

Geering up for another year of gardening. I feel behind, but I know I still have time to plant seeds! This year we’re growing cucumbers, pumpkins, kale, lettuce and snap peas!

Lately we’ve been spending mornings in bed drinking our milk and coffee out of tea cups. It’s been the sweetest!

Finley is 8 months old wearing 12-18mo clothes. He’s getting so big and is almost crawling!

Sweet Liliana will be turning THREE this month! We’re planning a tea party birthday – you can find our matching party dresses here! And stay tuned for a blog post all about her party, I’m excited to share.

My husband started and has owned a business for 7+ years, Alexander Ramsey Creative, where he serves other small business via web design, development and trainings on how to grow an online business. And it’s not going anywhere, but he launched his second business early last month! Layerly is a subscription-based website platform that is designed and built for you.

Alexander and I usually go on weekly dates but we’re finding it hard to always go out with two littles, so we’ve been spending our date nights in and at home. We’ll put the kids to bed early, order food and open a bottle of wine.

And I’m just eager to have my kitchen back so I can make more bread, morning smoothies and cook all the yummy summertime recipes! I feel like my wardrobe and diet thrive in summer, what about you?

That’s all for now.