It’s a BOTH/AND in Motherhood

I typically don’t do the dishes or prep dinner while my kids are napping. I want them to see firsthand what it looks like to be the gatekeeper of a home.

And I make it known that it’s their home too. I invite them into everything I do. They help me do the dishes. They help me prep & cook dinner. They sit with me while I fold laundry & wipe down bathrooms & Liliana gets her little broom when I sweep & they dig their hands in the dirt when I garden.

As mamas, especially if you’re home more often than away, your kids get a front row seat AND behind the scenes view of the lifestyle you create. They get the show AND take part in the action.

Two quotes I am always reminded of when my vision for motherhood is unraveling in front of me:

The way we spend our days is, indeed, how we will spend our lives.

Kids are great imitators. Be someone great to imitate.

I want to leave a legacy behind when I’m gone. A legacy of grit & modesty, standing up for what’s right & showing my babies what it looks like to be a mom in the thick of it all. And my vision for motherhood is to ultimately raise a woman & a man, both capable of great things & choose to work with willing hands.

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