life lately

February 25, 2020

It’s true, my hands are full. And I always seem to have a baby on my hip – whether I’m doing dishes, out at a coffee shop, on a work call and everywhere in between. 

Having my hands full is how I like it. 


We’ve been laughing more lately. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but things seem lighter, more funny and more peaceful in our home. It feels good and we are simply enjoying one another and working for one another in new ways. I recently asked Alexander if he could share a few new ways that I could serve him. His response? “Just say thank you, even with the little things.” Serving your spouse changes everything about your heart, relationship with God and your marriage.


I cannot believe she is almost 9 months old. I cry every time I think about it. How did this last year go by so quickly?! She is almost crawling and wanting to stand on her own. She laughs a lot more too (must be a trend here in the Ramsey home)! And she is still simply a joy. I have loved being a mama from the start, but it truly keeps getting better.


I love what I do. Waking up on Monday mornings is my favorite because I get to do something I love while making a difference in my own home and dozens of other homes as well! Saying ‘yes’ to natural living and saying an even greater ‘yes’ to mentoring others in natural living are two of my most proud yeses. I am however working longer days and still figuring out how to exactly do it with a baby on my hip and with full hands, but it’s thrilling and I feel as if I was created to do this.


Adventure is ahead! The Ramsey’s are still in the dreaming and making stages of this adventure, but it will be released soon enough, so stay tuned! But for now, head over to my instagrams for some new and exciting things being released for YOU to use!

My hands are full – of babies, dishes, laundry, coffee, emails and more. But they’re even more full of grace and joy as I get to do these things I was called to do – like be a wife and mother. My hands are indeed full, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.