Life Lately

January 6, 2020

My mother always reminds me that life never slows down.

As I’ve gotten older, I can see how her words are true.

Alexander and I have been processing what we want this next year to look like for the two of us and our little family. We want to be in front of screens less and spend more time playing games and reading. And we have a plan to go on more dates each week!

Our sweet girl is growing like crazy. Liliana is 6 ½ months already! And she almost has a few teeth poking through, so sleep has been sporadic, but I’m finding the late nights and early mornings being a really special time for me and her. We’re excited for her to be crawling soon and we’re looking forward to doing more “experiences” with her in the next few months, like trips to the library and the park.

Since we both work from home, it’s honestly a constant battle of both of us staying home or one of us (mainly Alexander) working at a coffee shop or the library. We love working alongside each other, but since having a baby it sometimes feels cramped in our tiny home. He’s been really busy lately, so working out of our home has been his go-to. Alexander is enjoying all the new and big projects he currently has and is loving working with the companies and people he gets to interact with on a daily basis. And for me, being a full-time mom and full-time owner of my own business, I’m trying to balance all of it during this new season. I love what I do and being able to stay home with Liliana is a dream come true!

I often say that we always have our next trip planned and for once (in probably the last 5 years of my life) we have no plans for a trip within the next 6 months. It actually feels crazy and sad. I’m sure we’ll go to the mountains on the weekends and visit Alexander’s parents who live over an hour away, but besides that we have no set plans. But knowing us, I’m sure we’ll think of something soon!

Wherever these two are, I am Home.