Liliana’s 4th Birthday Party

June 17, 2023

We were in the car together, just me and L, when I looked back at her through the rearview mirror and asked what she wanted to do for her upcoming birthday party. I gave her a few options, fairy being one of them, and surprisingly that’s what she responded with. And to be honest, I had zero idea how to throw a fairy party, but thankfully Pinterest had alllll the answers!

As soon as I began searching on Pinterest, ideas began to flood my brain! Some were directly from pins while others were my own spin on things I saw or new things I came up with! In no time, I had lists of activities and the perfect decor.

For Liliana’s Fairy Birthday Party we made “fairy crowns” and each girl had their own “fairy wands” (compliments of my mom), each girl made their own “fairy garden” and a “fairy spritz” for the parents! I even created a “fairy diffuser blend” with Geranium and Orange Essential Oils.

I linked all the blogs below, see photo captions. And enjoy all the photos! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our sweet girl turning FOUR! It was such a fun day with the perfect weather celebrating with all the fairy dust her little besties could ask for!

If you ever come to our house for a party, you can usually expect charcuterie boards and a themed cocktail! I made a “fairy spritz” (“fairy juice” for the kids), we had charcuterie, and a family friend made the cakepops, and I made the cake!

The “fairy spritz” was Prosseco mixed with strawberry lemonade and a few dashes of edible glitter and I rimmed the glasses with edible sparkles!

The fairy gardens were a hit! All the girls (and some boys) loved creating their own gardens – I mean, who doesn’t enjoy making something with their hands in dirt! I had a “fairy scavenger hunt” for the girls to find pinecones, needles, twigs, rocks, leaves, and flowers, and then had fake moss, flowers, marbles and fairy dust at the table. I bought 8in flower plant saucers, scooped some dirt and the kids went wild! Here are some of their creations.

Fairy WandsFairy CrownsFairy Scavenger HuntFairy Gardens

I hope this party inspires you! The pins and my inspiration came from the links directly above.