Liliana’s Tea Party

October 20, 2022

This post is long overdue, but these memories and photos deserve a permanent spot!

Ever since we can remember Liliana has been obsessed with tea parties, most little girls are right! And I quickly learned as a new mama to lean into whatever obsession my kids have because maybe it’ll turn into something down the road. And tea parties is one of those things that have stuck. If you follow us on instagram you’ve probably seen us chinking or chearsing with bottles and coffee cups, and those bottles eventually matured into tea cups. We do this every morning while we sip our coffee and milk and read books together snuggled on the couch.

Over the years I’ve noticed something special about Liliana, she’s an amazing hostess. She is always inviting people over and into our home, she makes us meals with her kitchenette, sets the table and invites guests, whether they’re real or make believe, and she knows how to welcome friends and other guests into our home, lead them to a certain room and can control the room. It’s such a gift worth exploring.

So we threw a tea party for her third birthday! And she was the loveliest little hostess.

Months ahead of time I ordered matching dresses for her and I, obviously we ordered the pink ones because Liliana is our girly girl, we often call her our “pink lady” because she is always decked out in pink and glitter and jewelry.

We had tea cups galore! So many we didn’t know what to do with them, but they served as decor, held flowers and Liliana’s party guests used them for tea and coffee. Liliana helped make cup cakes and we served a spread of meats and cheeses and crackers and jam. In true tea party fashion.

And truly, it was the sweetest day celebrating our sweet girl. She felt so loved and celebrated. At the end of the night she laid her head on my lap and said in the sweetest voice, “thanks for the party, mom.” And her face was pure bliss. Alexander and I looked at each other and tears were already filling our eyes.

Thank you again to everyone who came to celebrate with us!

Here are some highlights from the day, it was so hard to only share a few photos! If you want a walkthrough of the house, I saved it as a highlight on instagram.