On Turning 29

June 30, 2022

Last week I turned 29, one more year until the big 3-0. I’ve dreamed of being in my 30’s and 40’s ever since I was in high school. And I still think it’ll be the best years! I always thought “I’ll know myself so well” and have more of my life “figured out” and be more confident. But over the last few years I’m surprised how confident and secure I’ve become even before my 30th year. Here are a few words I’d love to share with you.

Several months ago I told Alexander something along these lines:

I know who I am, and I like who I am. I’ve done the hard work to get to this place and state of being. And now I’m just on a journey to figure out where I’m going.

I’m finally at a place in my life where I honestly care more about how God sees me & less about how others see me. The thought ‘life should look different by now’ and my need to prove myself have slowly faded.

I wrote these words over two years ago, written as my future self, as someone I wanted to believe I was:

“I am free. I am rooted. I have purpose. I am full of integrity. I am a woman of peace. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and it is good.”

Words have such power. Our words will either kill & destroy or bring light.

And the best is truly yet to come. I’m eager for what this year will hold & what the next decade or two will be like.

Every year on my birthday I’ve asked Alexander to take a similar photo with sweet Liliana and yesterday Finley joined in too! Year 28 was really sweet. We celebrated in Colorado, announced our second pregnancy, traveled a few more times last summer, Finley was born in the safety and joy of our home and has become our smiley boy and my travel buddy. We’ve hosted tea parties and friends for dinner and have continued to make this house into our home. A really sweet year.

Here are all the birthday photos with my babes up ‘til now!