One Year in Our Home

June 1, 2022

We have officially been in our home for one year. The sweetness of memories created, the dreams come true, the prayers answered, and hard work paying off.

Since the day we pulled into the driveway I knew this was going to be our home. And when Alexander said “This is it!” the moment he walked in the front door, it was sold.

Looking through photos of this last year I am weepy. Scroll through some of our best and favorite memories!

From the first drive-by after the sign said “sold” to watching sweet Liliana help us unpack, clinking our glasses in celebration and surprising L with donuts after our first night in our new home. This last year in this house has been wild & better than we thought possible.

No one saw the hard work it took us to get here.

No one heard the prayers.

No one even knew I was pregnant.

And we had no idea all that would happen in this first year.

We’ve seen many more prayers answered since the first day we walked through the front door. This house has been molded into a home. A haven, a refuge – for ourselves and for others. A safe place for our son to be born. Fortified walls, light brought in and seeped out, tears and hardship held and released. Laughter and sowing and reaping.

O what the LORD can do in one year. We are eager and expectant for the years to come.