Organizational Idea for Your Wellness Orders

October 6, 2022

As a family, we decided over 4 years ago now, that we would start ordering from Young Living monthly. This switch came from falling in love with their products and also how much money we would save because Young Living is a one-stop shop! They have everything from oils to toothpaste, all-purpose cleaners and makeup. We slowly began switching over our daily household items and now most of our shelves and cabinets are stocked with the Thieves Cleaning line, healthy non-gmo snackies, clean baby products and more!

I truly believe Young Living offers the best deals and they are the most generous company, giving free oils and money back simply for ordering necessities and products you love for yourself, your littles and for your home.

Young Living’s auto-renewal program is called Loyalty Rewards, and it’s unlike any other. You do not have to order each month, there is no minimum amount, no fees or cancelation policies and it’s completely customizable. It’s the BESTTTT. And you start saving right away, on your favorites and common household items that you use daily!

It has taken us years to switch over most of our products, so if you’re struggling with where to begin or feel overwhelmed at the starting line, no need to worry or rush through this. And I’ve made it simple for you. A few months ago I went around my house, room to room, and made lists for each space and the Young Living products I use in each designated room, such as the laundry room, bedrooms and bathrooms, upstairs linen closet, and kitchen. The list is full of our favorites and a simple system I have each month is to simply look at the lists I created, sift through our shelves and cabinets to see what we don’t have on the lists and those are the items I order that month. Make sense? It’s super organized and super easy.

Here are my lists, except they are literally written on scratch paper and taped to the wall or inside cabinets…nothing fancy here, just practical!

Again, it took us years to get to this place. There is no need to ditch and switch everything right away, that’s honestly wasteful. My best tip is to start small and be consistent. Pick a room and begin swapping out items, oils and products for Young Living’s. For example, when you’re almost out of toothpaste, that’s one item that goes on your Loyalty Rewards list for the month. Young Living is the easy button for simple swaps in your home. And Loyalty Rewards is what makes it affordable.

If you want to learn more about Loyalty Rewards, here is a great resource that will answer most, if not all, of your questions.

Our family loves safe products for our home and little hands, and we love saving money, Young Living checks all of our boxes. I guarantee if you take my advice to slowly and intentionally begin the process of making simple swaps, your home, your family and your wallet will all be smiling.

From my happy and healthy home to yours, xx.