Our 6th Anniversary

September 28, 2023

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary earlier this month! We thought we would have made big plans for a getaway, but it was another simple anniversary celebrated over mugs of coffee and playing at the park, and it was perfect!

The night before our actual anniversary, my parents offered to watch the kids, so we took them up on it and went out for dinner at a local restaurant on the water my parents live on – we had a waterside table and stayed until they were closing the kitchen.

We talked about how it feels to be six years into marriage, we laughed at how it looks so different than we ever could have dreamed, and we dreamed about where we want to be in six years from now.

The next morning, the day of our anniversary, we had an entire day planned just us four! We went out for breakfast, took a stroll to a beloved park and let the kids run around. Along the way we stopped at a few garage sales (the kids suckered Alexander into getting a big teddy bear), and we walked through neighborhoods still sipping our coffee. It was simple and so fun.

After a charcuterie board for lunch, much needed naps and play time at home, we made homemade pizza for dinner and as it was baking in the oven, we showed the kids our wedding video. They laughed when they saw their Papa dancing and were amazed that dad could do a handstand and jump back to his feet!

Later that night after the kids went to bed, Alexander and I poured a glass of wine and enjoyed a couple macarons and tiramisu, just us. It was honestly the most simple anniversary celebration, but also the best day ever.