Plastic-free Living

July 23, 2018

01. Reusable coffee mugs

Bring a coffee mug with you the next time you go out for coffee. Say no to the plastic or paper cups with the plastic lids and bring your own! And for a bonus, here are some ways you can clean up your entire coffee routine!

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02. Reusable produce bags

I got mine at Natural Grocers earlier this summer. They are probably not from an ethical company, but I absolutely love them + have used them, washed them + reused them for months!

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03. Cloth napkins

Make them or buy them, use them + reuse them!

04. No straws or reusable straws

In the United States, we use over 500 million straws a day. Make a point to bring a metal reusable straw with you or say no to using straws when you’re a restaurant, coffee shop or elsewhere. I’ve learned some good things from Erin Boyle about cleaning up our daily habits!

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05. Create a Zero-Waste Travel Kit

It is so easy to consume plastic on the day-to-day, it’s everywhere! So creating a little kit can make a big difference! A Zero-Waste Travel Kit ensures that wherever you go you have an alternative to using plastic. Here are a few things I’m putting in mine:

  • Reusable coffee mug (because I always have one on hand anyway!)
  • Cloth napkins (I got mine from an estate sale)
  • Reusable silverware

Comment below with your ideas + insight, I would love to learn from you!