Ramsey Fam Q & A

June 6, 2023

I thought this would be a fun way to get to know us, all of us, better! Here are eleven questions we all responded to.

01. How old are you?

A: “how old am I? 33…”

H: Turning the big 3-0 in a few weeks!!

Lil: “free!” (three!)

Finn: 1.5 years old

02. Where were you born?

A: Kilgore, TX

H: Hiltonhead, SC

Lil: Shrugged and said “I don’t know?” She was born in Colorado!

Finn: In our current home in Wisconsin

03. What’s your middle name?

A: “Wescot, with one T”

H: Marie (just like every 90’s baby girl)

Lil: Rae

Finn: Alan

04. What do you love about our home?

A: The space, it’s large and nice separation between rooms and areas, depending on where you want to be.

H: The morning sunlight in our bedroom

Lil: Baking cupcakes, her room and outside play areas

Finn: He loves his bed!

05. What’s your favorite activity?

A: Mountain biking and building things, like wooden swings for the kids, garden boxes, wood shed.

H: Waking up early to read and pray, be in the garden, go on long walks with the kids

Lil: “making flowers” floral arrangements 

Finn: Eating, running around outside, playing with water, following his sissy

06. What is your least favorite task to do around the house?

A: “Probably cleaning the toilette.”

H: Put everyone’s laundry away

Lil: Taking a bath

Finn: Diaper changes!

07. Favorite pizza topping:

A: “Mmmm, bacon.”

H: We recently made a pineapple, jalapeño, and added bacon. It was amazing!

Lil: Pepperoni 

Finn: Meat

08. Favorite books:

A: The Elon Musk Biography

H: Nightingale and The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry,

Lil: Fancy Nancy series

Finn: Trucks, Peek-a-Who?, and any singing songbooks

09. How many kids/siblings do you want?

A: “Three or four.’

H: Alexander has talked me down from 8 haha, I’d say 4 or 5.

Lil: “One sister! No brothers.”

Finn: He obviously can’t answer, but he loves babies! I’m sure he’d take as many as he could get!

10. What did/do you want to be when you grow up?

A: “I don’t remember, maybe a professional soccer player?”

H: I always wanted to be a teacher and/or writer

Lil: “a grown up” “own a own business when I’m grown up” 

Finn: We have no idea!

11. What is your favorite part about being a dad/mom/toddler?

A: Being part of our kids’ lives, being able to play with them and seeing what they love and whenever they just want you to be part of what they’re doing and they ask for me and are excited to see me.

H: Hard to say, I love many things about being a mom, but learning who my kids are and helping them uncover what they love and are good at!

Lil: Thought about it for a long time, let out a sigh and said “I don’t know.” She loves anything creative, picking flowers, coloring/painting, making up games.

Finn: Running! And jumping off anything he can climb.

I hope you got to know us more!

xx, from our sweet family to yours!