Simple Ways to Change Your Lifestyle

Last week was Fashion Revolution Week! If you followed along, you probably saw myself, along with thousands of others, post photos & videos of global brand companies’ clothing and asking them the question: “Who made my clothes?”

In response to my posts, I received a lot of questions. Questions like:

    • How do I start changing my lifestyle?
    • Where do you shop?
  • What’s a good, responsible company you recommend?

I wanted to share some tips & insights from what I’ve learned over the past few years. I’ve written a few different posts about these topics, feel free to click on the links & bounce around!

A few simple ways to change your lifestyle:

    • Use reusable bags. It’s better for the environment because you won’t store plastic or paper bags in excess. You can buy them at a local store or a grocery store like Whole Foods.
    • Shop organic & local for groceries. Shopping organic is better for your health and the world! And it’s possible to do on a budget.
    • Buy clothes only made in the US or from stores that are ethical (my faves below!)
    • Recycling clothes by selling and/or shopping at second-hand stores!
  • Ask yourself a question before making a purchase: how cheap am I buying this for? Because if it’s already a low price and it was made not in the US or at a ethical store, the person(s) who made it got paid a fraction of that price.

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