Tiny, Willing Hands

August 22, 2022

Earlier this summer, we had several weekends that were piled high with kitchen renovations and yard work. And every time I looked up I saw Liliana imitating what we were doing. We didn’t even have to ask or invite her in.
When we were cleaning up the kitchen after the drywall crew left, she helped clean.
When we were pulling weeds, she started to pull weeds.
When we were mowing the lawn, cutting down a tree, moving branches from here to there, she was right there. Willing to help in the best ways her precious little hands could help.

I pray often for my babies to have willing hands. In any situation. It’s really sweet to see how the LORD has chosen to answer that prayer in regards to our home.

“She…works with willing hands.” Proverbs 31:13

Mamas, give your daughters someone good to imitate.

Here are a few photos from those full and fruitful weekends, and here’s a reel.