Working From Home, A Booming Phenomenon

January 7, 2023

It probably comes to no surprise that most Americans are searching for ways to work from the comfort of their own home. Statistics are out that by 2024, 81% of Americans will be working from home.

Now more than ever, the work-from-home life is vibrantly attractive, it’s actually a booming phenomenon! And if you’ve ever been curious what it looks like to get paid while sitting on your couch in comfy pants or while sipping on a latte out at a coffee shop or even while nursing a sweet babe, then this is for you.

As someone who has lived an entrepreneurial lifestyle for 4 years now (and with a successful hubs who is almost going on a full decade), I can confidently say that we believe every household should have several streams of income, specifically ones that stem from a personal business.

And Young Living is one of our obvious choices.

How would an extra $50, $100, $500, $1,500 a month bless your family? Especially with growing food costs & unexpected expenses, why not create an extra stream of income for your family this year?

This opportunity is for anyone in any season. Join me every Thursday evening, and listen to our community business call. This is a safe place, with no strings attached, to learn more about what a Young Living business could do for you, your home & sweet family.

I’d love to do it with you!

Tap here for all the details of these weekly calls. And click here for Young Living’s 2022 Income Disclosure Statement.