Your Easy Button for Wellness

January 5, 2023

Are you ordering via Loyalty Rewards yet? If not, you’re missing out – on huge savings & better health – so listen up!

Loyalty Rewards is your new easy button for wellness.

On average, we get over $50 back per month simply from being on Loyalty Rewards 🤩 In fact, as a family of 4 we have saved THOUSANDS of dollars over the years simply from switching our Target runs to Young Living orders. And not only are we saving money, but we’re protecting our hormones, youthful skin, sweet babies and the overall health of our home because we’re choosing better products.

Saving money + increasing our health and longevity = success 🙌🏼 and Young Living is the easy button!

Loyalty Rewards is truly the best way to shop nontoxic products because you earn money back, can qualify for free gifts, and they come straight to your door! You can start and stop it anytime, no strings attached. 

When you go to shop a product, click to add it to your Loyalty Rewards. In order to get store credit back, make sure that your loyalty rewards order reaches 50pv. When you order 50pv consecutively each month, you accumulate store credit (points) back to spend through shop.

Months 1-3 you get 10% back.

Months 4-12 you get 20% back

After 1 year you start to get 25% back from each loyalty rewards order.

Loyalty Rewards is how my family orders all of our oils, baby products, supplements & thieves cleaning products. And because of Loyalty Rewards we save time and money. All of our orders get shipped straight to our door and we get money back on every order.In fact, we’ve been on Loyalty Rewards going on 4 years now.

When I say I love it, I mean it!

Loyalty Rewards is your easy button for nontoxic products and the health of your wallet! And Young Living recently wanted to add more magic to your lifestyle…with a free diffuser.

Young Living is sending you a Desert Mist diffuser for free when you join Loyalty Rewards! Click here for more info.

I am always here and it would be my joy to make sure your orders are meeting the needs for your family.

xx, from my home to yours.