3 Areas I’m Improving the Wellness in my Home in 2023

January 12, 2023

It’s a new year! And this year I’m focusing on a three areas of wellness in my home. The first being to simply make my home smell good in the most natural ways, through the use of essential oils. The other two areas I’m focusing on are cleaning and sleep. Natural cleaning products have become a hot demand and marketers know it, I’ll chat more about this later. And for sleep, my husband and I learned early on in our parenting journey that sleep is a key ingredient to a happy home. Let’s dive more into all three of these!

01. Making my home smell good, naturally.

Everyone loves a good smelling home, right? The smell of cookies baking in the oven, the way fresh laundry makes you feel, and walking into a home wafting of vanilla, grapefruit and clove just sounds delightfully perfect. And marketers know this. They have crafted the perfect blends of chemicals and dump them into candles, plug-ins and air fresheners. These scents are chosen to mimic those yummy cookies that aren’t actually baking in the oven. And the chemicals used reap havoc on our hormones and emotional health. A quick google search and you’ll find…

I typed in “what is fragrance in products?”

These fragrances are not only found in candles or sprays but in common household items such as hand soaps, laundry detergents, cleaning supplies and dish soap. And all of these go on our skin and even into our mouths, eventually making it’s way from our head to our toes via our bloodstream. All marketing for companies such as GladeSeventh GenerationBranch BasicsMyers and the like is propaganda. If you read the labels it says there are no fragrances used and on the back within the list of ingredients it says the word fragrance.

Am I scaring you yet? I’m not trying to, but painting a raw picture of what is actually going on here needs to happen. Choosing companies you trust when making your home smell good is important, so insert Young Living’s Essential Oils.

Did you know that essential oils date back to Biblical times and that all of these fragrances are actually based off the real plant? Lavender isn’t a scent it’s a plant. Vanilla isn’t a scent it’s a plant. Peppermint, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Clove, Patchouli, and Grapefruit are not simply scents, they are plants. Real, breathing and growing organisms that have scents to make your home smell good and unique properties that can be used for healing, balancing hormones and more.

Diffusing oils may seem like a popular fad but it’s actually an ancient practice.

02. Natural Cleaning Products

Young Living’s cleaning products are what actually got me hooked on Young Living. I use oils daily, but it was the Thieves Cleaner that made fall in love with the company. The moment I used the Thieves Household Cleaner for the first time I decided I will never go back!

The Thieves Cleaning line is truly my favorite, all the products work incredibly well (except the dishwasher detergent, we don’t use it) and it makes our home smell dreamy! We’ve been using Thieves cleaning products now for almost half a decade, so if you haven’t saved my tried-and-true recipes yet, check ’em out! You can’t go wrong with simply ordering the Thieves Household Cleaner and Fruit and Veggie Soak, but The Kitchen and Sink Scrub is personal new favorite and we even use the Thieves toothpaste.

And as I mentioned earlier, cleaning supplies falls in line with the marketing propaganda, it’s now labeled as “greenwashing”. Young Living follows the European standards for their products, meaning it’s safe and made without any chemicals. I love knowing my kids can help me clean and I don’t have to worry about the possibility of calling poison control. Young Living’s Thieves Cleaning products are safe for little hands, make your home smell good and keeps it clean! And Young Living has made it easy, check out this new Thieves bundle!

03. Sleep for the entire family

Early on in our parenting journey we heard and clung to the words sleep promotes sleep. Since then, when our sweet little Liliana was only a few weeks old, we focused heavily on sleep. And we still focus on it daily. My husband and I find ourselves within the balance of being disciplined with our kids’ need for sleep and allowing space for a skipped napped every now and then. And whether our kids napped or not, go to bed early, on time or late, we always use essential oils to help calm nerves, create a calming atmosphere and promote deeper sleep.

Our favorite essential oils for this are: Lavender, SniffleEase, Cedarwood and Frankincense. Diffusing these individually or a simple combo of two of these oils always helps our kids sleep more sound. For example, Lavender is a naturally calming oil and Cedarwood naturally creates melatonin in our bodies. The help of SniffleEase for when little colds or dryness is in the air and Frankincense grounds our emotions. All four of these promote better sleep and sweeter dreams and a happier home.

Saving Money While You Clean…

As a family, we decided over 4 years ago now, that we would start ordering from Young Living monthly. This switch came from falling in love with their products and also how much money we would save because Young Living is a one-stop shop! They have everything from oils to toothpaste, all-purpose cleaners and makeup. We slowly began switching over daily household items and now most of our shelves and cabinets are stocked with the Thieves Cleaning line, healthy non-gmo snackies, clean baby products and more!

I truly believe Young Living offers the best deals and they are the most generous company, giving free oils and money back simply for ordering necessities and products you love for yourself, your littles and for your home.

Young Living’s auto-renewal program is called Loyalty Rewards, and it’s unlike any other. You do not have to order each month, there is no minimum amount, no fees or cancelation policies and it’s completely customizable. It’s the BESTTTT. And you start saving right away, on your favorites and common household items that you use daily!

Well, there you have it. The three ways I’m focusing on the wellness in my home this year.

I’d love to hear from you, what areas are you focusing on your home this year?

xx, from my home to yours.