Capsule Wardrobe :: Summer

June 18, 2018

A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe compiled of essential pieces of clothing – shirts, sweaters, pants and coats – that can, with the addition of other pieces of clothing and accessories, be worn year-long and easily interchangeable depending on the season. And summer is the perfect time to try a capsule wardrobe because the weather is amazing and you can put so many fun, interchangeable pieces into your wardrobe!

Have you ever done a summer capsule? Comment below with suggestions + advice! And if you haven’t ever done one, join me! Click here for more information on how to begin the process of creating your own capsule wardrobe!

For my summer capsule, I have: 5 tops, 6 bottoms, 9 dresses, and 3 jackets//outerwear – 23 total. I have staple pieces, mostly old + some new pieces, along with a couple pieces I still want to add!

*Disclaimer: I did not include shoes, intimates, accessories or loungewear in these numbers.


White t-shirt with lace :: Thrifted

Red patterned tank top :: India

Grey Tunic :: The Loft

White with black print tank top :: The Loft

White mesh tank top//swim suit cover up :: I don’t remember where I got it from!


Pants: 1 pair of black jeans :: TJ Maxx, 1 pair of green joggers :: The Loft, and 1 pair of blue jeans :: TJ Maxx.

Shorts: 1 pink :: The Loft, 1 black :: The Loft (thrifted), and 1 green :: The Loft.


Black :: Target (thrifted from my Mom’s closet)

Black with Flowers :: Local Boutique in Crested Butte

Grey Maxi :: (Don’t remember where I got it from)

Blue with flowers :: Forever 21

Jean with white polka dots :: TJ Maxx

Yellow :: market in Italy

Black with yellow pattern :: H&M

White + Black stripes :: H&M

Black dress//swimsuit coverup :: Not sure, but I thrifted it from my Aunt’s closet


Jean Jacket :: H&M

Grey Jacket :: Express

Chambray shirt :: H&M

Staple Pieces: What I wear and rewear often + easily interchangeable! (All pictured above).

Tops: Red patterned tank top

Bottoms: Green shorts

Dresses: Black + Black with Flowers

Jackets//Outerwear: Jean Jacket

What I Still Want to Add:

  • Blue Jean Shorts
  • More tops-maybe less white haha!

Follow my journey on Insta! And, I would love to follow yours – tag me in the pictures of your capsule!

Blogs I follow regarding simplifying my wardrobe: Unfancy – I’ve followed her for a while, she gives great advice! + and here is her capsule planner. And I recently started following Simply Liv & CO – she also gives great advice and practical tips on how to live simply.