Current Young Living Favorites: Winter

January 9, 2024

I was recently asked by a friend what my current favorite Young Living products are, this friend has been ordering oils and other natural products from Young Living for years, so she’s familiar with almost everything, and I thought it’d be a fun blog post to share because I’ve now told almost a dozen other friends what my current faves are. Here’s my list:

I’m currently loving a few woodsy oils like Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Pine. I will diffuse these often throughout our home, mostly in blends with other oils.

I still love all of the Thieves products, I have an entire blog with details and household recipes for you. We currently keep the Thieves Wipes in the car and I use the Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub for sinks (in kitchen and bathrooms), but stopped using it for toilet bowl cleaner and found a natural-ish brand to use instead, but otherwise I have always loved thieves. For wellness, the Thieves Chest Rub is helpful this time of year.

A new item I have tried recently is the Sandalwood Moisture Cream — my skin gets super dry this time of year and it’s been unbelievably helpful! And another current (actually all-time) fave is Sulfurzyme. I’ve been using Sulfurzyme to strengthen my hair, skin and nails. The powder has a pre- and probiotic in it, which helps so much within your entire body.

And did you know Young Living offers tea? They have 3 different kinds and I’ve loved them all!

When I sent my friend a message with my current faves it was all off the top of my head, but typing it up again (I did add a few items), but for the most part these are my faves, and not just currently, but these oils and products are hands-down some of my all-time favorites!

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