June Wellness Order

June 1, 2023

It’s almost officially SUMMER! I’m using my monthly order to be my “summer stock-up” so I’m prepped for the summer months ahead!

Below is a list of what we ordered, helpful links, about the oils and products, and easy ways to save on your favorites while you’re caring well for your home.

Our June Order:

  • LavaDerm After Sun Spray*
  • Insect Repellent & Wipes*
  • Seedlings Calm Oil*
  • Coconut Lime Body Butter
  • Thieves Sink & Bath Scrub
  • Thieves Dish Soap
  • Thieves Laundry Soap
  • Thieves Household Cleaner
  • Lushious Lemon Hand Soap

All of the ones with the * we ordered for free because of having a Subscription with Young Living – more about that is below, but just know for now that it is THE best way to order with Young Living!

If you’ve taken note of all our past monthly orders, you’ve probably noticed how we tend to order the same products over and over. Maybe not month after month, but definitely as often as we need them. The Thieves cleaning line is hand-down the best cleaning supplies I have EVER used. It’s dreamy and every home needs it. If you want to download my Toxic-Free Home Cheat Sheet equipped with my tried and true Thieves recipes, you can download that right here for free! Cleaning in my home has never been easier and I feel at ease because there are no chemicals in any of the products. It’s a win-win-win!

Also, maybe you’ve noticed we don’t order oils super often. If you scroll back at all of our past orders you’ll notice we order lotsa Thieves and baby products, but oils are scarcely ordered. And it’s not because we don’t use them (we use them daily), it’s because they last forever! Typically 70% of our order is household and personal care use (like cleaning, baby and supplements) and then the other 30% is oils, so we order oils every 4 months. This month we ordered the Seedlings Calm Oil for a friend who is about to have a baby. Other than cleaning supplies and oils, the After Sun Spray and Bug Repellent (and wipes) I mentioned above are obvious must-haves this time of year! Oh and the Coconut Lime Body Butter is for a littttle self-care for yours truly! Young Living is truly a one-stop-shop for an entire household throughout all the changing seasons.

As a family, we decided over 4 years ago now, that we would start ordering from Young Living monthly. This switch came from falling in love with their products and also how much money we would save because Young Living is a one-stop shop! They have everything from oils to toothpaste, all-purpose cleaners and personal care products. We slowly began switching over daily household items and now most of our shelves and cabinets are stocked with the Thieves Cleaning line, healthy non-gmo snackies, clean baby products and more!

I truly believe Young Living offers the best deals and they are the most generous company, giving free oils and money back simply for ordering necessities and products you love for yourself, your littles and for your home.

Young Living’s auto-renewal program is called Loyalty Rewards (the subscription I mentioned earlier), and it’s unlike any other. You do not have to order each month, there is no minimum amount, no fees or cancelation policies and it’s completely customizable. It’s the BESTTTT. And you start saving right away, on your favorites and common household items that you use daily!

Young Living is setting you up for success this month with all the necessities to easily begin ditching items in your home and swapping them for better and safer products, like hand lotions, body butter, pre-made diffuser blends (bye-bye, candles) and more! Check them all out right here!

If you’re wanting to get these oils and products for free and learn how you can begin the process of ordering in a way that is best for your family, your home and your wallet, here are a few resources. And I absolutely love hearing from you, we could make a custom plan that best suits your family’s needs, message me or email me and let’s find a time to chat!

xx, from my home to yours