Maple Vanilla Sea Salt Latte Recipe

December 19, 2023

Maple Vanilla Sea Salt Latte, or as I’ve been referring to it, the Maple Van S Latte. It’s a new fave around the Ramsey home and for good reason (or reasons, because there are a few)!

I love experimenting with lattes, not crazy flavors like anything fruity, but whenever we’re out at a coffee shop I always take note to a few of the flavors they offer and then try to recreate my own, usually with a healthy twist, and my Maple Van S Latte is definitely one of my best concoctions.

The first healthy twist in this recipe is the added collagen, we recently started getting ours from Perfect Supplements (this link will save you 10% on every order) and it’s probably the best we’ve tried so far – it dissolves fully into any liquid (hot or cold), it’s flavorless and has really high standards. Do a little research on collagen for all the benefits, but the ones we tend to linger on are that collagen helps with your joints, skin and hair.

And an added bonus to adding 1 scoop of Perfect Supplements Collagen is how fluffy it makes your lattes! It only adds to the foam and beauty of frothed milk. I either add it to the espresso (like in photo) or I add it to the milk before frothing, either makes it so much better!

One of the other health benefits is the sea salt and all you need is a little pinch. Again, do a basic google search on the benefits of sea salt, but my main reason for adding it to my food and lattes is hormone support (and it’s tasty!). I’ve read about sea salt for a while now and have been incorporating it in different ways for years, but in doing more recent research, especially in this season of being in between kids (hoping for a 3rd soon!), I have been taking a deeper look into not only the initial benefits but the lasting and overall benefits for my entire body. I’ve been studying Eat Your Prenatal, an ebook written by Laura Lyons, Annika Duden, and Emmalee Thompson, which is a great resource if you are prepping/trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or during postpartum.

In their ebook, they talk a lot about sea salt and give their best recommendations on brands, because you can’t trust any brand these days! Here are the brands they recommend: Jacobsen’s Salt, Crucial Four, Maldon’s, and Redmond’s Real Salt.

The third health benefit to this latte is the maple syrup, did you know it’s a healthy choice? Especially when used as a sweetener, maple syrup can serve our bodies with antioxidants and other nutrients. It’s a better option than granulated or processed sugar or store-bought simple syrups. We often get our maple syrup from a local farm but when we don’t we order it via Thrive Market. Thrive is an online grocery store where most items can be up to 40% off compared to a local or chain grocery store – I get most of our baking supplies and kid snacks via Thrive! If you click here you can save 40% on your first order. One of our favorites to order is their Infused Maple Syrup Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean, it’s amazing and you can add it into anything – lattes, oatmeal, pancakes, everything!

Okay y’all, besides the health benefits, this latte is just DELICIOUS! So you must give it a try. Whether you have an espresso machine, stove-top percolator, Nespresso machine, a handheld frother or heat your milk in the microwave, you can make this latte!

I started drinking decaf espresso earlier this past year and it’s honestly been one of the best changes I’ve made (hehe, another healthy choice). My daily stress levels are down, I’m more patient with my littles, I don’t get shaky or feel like my brain is on overdrive. We tend to prefer a medium to dark coffee bean in our espresso machine, so lately we’ve using Colectivo’s Decaf Dark Sumatran, it gives this latte a dark chocolatey taste!

Ready for the recipe? It’s easy, but be sure to write it down or save this blog post for future reference!

You’ll need:

  • 1-2 shots espresso
  • milk of your choice (we prefer raw or oat)
  • 1 scoop Perfect Supplement Collagen
  • big splash of maple syrup
  • splash of vanilla (homemade simple syrup or vanilla extract)
  • pinch of sea salt

How to:

  • pull your shot(s) of espresso and pour over scoop of collagen in mug
  • mix well and add splash of maple syrup and vanilla
  • froth milk and pour over espresso
  • sprinkle sea salt on top

Sip and enjoy! I hope you read through this post, all the health swaps and our recent changes for added health benefits. If you have any questions about products listed, send an email.

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