My 5 Best Tips for Hosting Out of Town Guests

October 27, 2022

This week Alexander’s parents have been visiting us from Colorado. We always looove having Grandma and Papa stay with us. Their visits always include yummy treats made by Grandma, little adventures to new parts of town and coke in bottle during Friday Night Pizza Night.

If you follow our family on instagram you’ll probably see lotsa hosting and parties and play dates in my stories. It’s no secret that the Ramsey’s love to host. And whenever we have guests come in from out of town, I tend to set up our guest room the same way and make sure they have a space to call their home while they’re in town.

Here are my top five tips for hosting out of town guests!

Fresh Sheets. Not just clean, but super fresh and smelling good! We don’t use any chemicals in our home, only high-quality essential oils and homemade linen sprays and laundry boosts to get our sheets and towels smelling bright and cozy!

Essential Oils. A goal of mine is for our guests to walk into their room and let out a big sigh and get a good nights sleep! Oils can be used for cleaning, stress relief, sleep and more and we don’t shy away from making our guests feel at ease during their stay. I love putting a combo of Lavender, Vetiver, Frankincense and Northern Lights Black Spruce in the diffuser in our guest room and turn it on before they arrive.

“Welcome” cards made by littles. This week me and Liliana took a few minutes to be creative and paint welcome signs for Grandma and Papa!

Empty drawers. I want our guests to feel like they are truly at Home! Having empty drawers for them to fill allows them to “nest” during their stay and keep their items organized.

Extras. I always keep a bin in our linen closet filled with toothbrushes, facial wash, shampoo, and more and make sure they know where to find extra towels, pillows, socks and/or slippers.

Practical, functional and cozy is the goal! I hope you found these tips helpful!