Packing + Traveling Minimally for a Weekend Getaway

July 9, 2018

We only brought a backpack, cooler + Alexander’s camera. I wrote a previous post about how to pack + travel minimally for a week-long beach vacation and I received great feedback! So here’s another quick post about what we packed for our weekend getaway + why we chose to travel why we do!

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2 things to think about while packing:

    • Maximizing space
  • Maximizing items: reuse + rewear

Important Questions Before You Start to Pack:

    1. Where am I going? What will I be doing?
    1. What is the weather going to be like?
    1. What are my essentials?
    1. Can I make a few outfits out of the items I’m bringing?
  1. Where am I going? If it’s a place where I can buy said item if an emergency happens, do I have to pack it?

Here is what we packed for our two-day mountain getaway:

Her clothes:

1 pair of shorts

1 dress (for the cute farmers market, of course!)

1 pair of leggings (in case the weather quickly changed)

1 tank top

1 long sleeve shirt

1 sweatshirt

Intimates for 2 days

Shoes: 1 pair of trail-running shoes + 1 pair of sandals


His clothes:

1 pair of shorts

2 t-shirts

1 sweatshirt

Boxers for 2 days

Shoes: 1 pair of sandals + 1 pair of hiking boots




Feminine products


2 bottles of 5ml of essential oils

Hair brush

Toothbrushes + paste

Local + natural sunscreen

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Packing together is something my husband + I really enjoy doing. In our culture we are always on the lookout for more + feel safer when we have more with us. I’ve learned that the less I take with the less I worry and the less I take with the more freedom I feel!

I hope this was encouraging and informational. Please comment below with your thoughts + questions!