A Peek Inside Our Hospital Bag

We are currently 3 days away from our due date, I can’t believe it! Just like most new parent-to-be’s, we’ve been preparing for our baby to arrive for months now in so many ways! We

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils 101

Hey friend, no matter where you’re at – a fulltime oily gal or just exploring your options – know this: I’m glad you’re here and your presence today show’s me: You care and you know

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Responsible/Slow Living

Creating a Zero Waste Kit

Living a zero-waste lifestyle is honestly impossible. But we can try, right? I love being creative with sustainable and intentional living, so when I heard about Zero Waste Kits I knew I wanted to make my own because I thought it sounded like a fun + creative way to reduce waste.

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Slow Fashion

How Ethical Living is Affordable

I’ve heard this comment + have been asked this question a handful of times. It makes me reflect on how I’m portraying my wardrobe + lifestyle, how Slow Fashion portrays what S L O W actually means, and makes me question how I can better talk, equip + teach about living a sustainable, wholehearted + responsible lifestyle. The statement I’m referring to is: “I cannot afford to buy ethical clothes/I can’t afford an ethical lifestyle.” Have you ever said that, thought that, or made a decision based on that lie? I definitely have.

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Organization While Packing 101

Packing is challenging. Keeping things organized while traveling is even harder. I’ve been asked numerous times about my organization while packing + traveling, so I wanted to share a few thoughts and ways I keep my bags clean and easily accessible!

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